The Parrogate group

A Journey Towards Success

The Parrogate group was first formed in 1896 in a small central India town called Mandsaur. It has since expanded its operations and is now established in India, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The group is one of the top players in the cotton, edible oil, maize and fertilizer industries. It also deals in grain trading and milling, real estate development, commercial farming and Ferro Alloys. Through its operations the group provides direct input support to over 100,000 farmer’s families in Africa, to improve their yield and realization. This has a direct positive bearing on the rural economies of the countries which provides transparent market access to small farmers.

About the Parrogate group

The Parrogate group has a substantial footprint in Africa and Asia and has seen substantial growth in the last decade. It has a firm plan to enter into new market segments like oil branding, retailing and the FMCG sector.


Parrogate operates three cotton ginning plants across Zambia. They are located in Kalomo in the Southern Province, Sinda in Eastern Province and Mwembeshi Plant in Central Province. The Group has the total capacity to process 60,000 of seed-cotton annually.

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Plot No. 397A, Makeni Lusaka
+260 - 211 - 273793

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