NWK Agri-Services Limited

Operated under the Dunavant name since May 2000 before changing its corporate name in October 2013.

The name, NWK Agri-Services, comes from NWK Limited (South Africa), a major South African based agribusiness company who became the majority shareholder of Dunavant Zambia Limited in 2012. NWK Limited (South Africa) is an established and reputable agricultural business that boasts more than 100 years’ experience in the South African market, with involvement in a wide range of agribusiness activities.

NWK Agri-Services has a historic cotton base across Zambia, owning seven gin sites, eleven agricultural offices, over seventy agricultural sheds and working with over 100,000 farmers. Establishing itself as the leading agribusiness company supporting Zambian farmers through input provision, training, and access to market for all of their crops. The business works to strengthen partnerships with the farmers supporting their ability to bring high value products to the market, while also working within the communities to support the future of the farmers and their families, through various community and empowerment programs.

Mission & Vision

Vision: “To be the leading and most innovative agribusiness in SADC region.”

Mission: “To supply competitive, innovative and quality inputs, agronomic advice and financing solutions to farmers, providing farmers the best market access by purchasing, storing and processing commodities and/or selling it on to various end users and using our intimate knowledge of small, emerging and commercial farmer to improve the livelihoods of the farming community while delivering a reasonable return on equity to our shareholders.”

More about NWK Agri-Services

NWK Agri-Services is engaged in working within the communities it serves, helping to increase productivity through not just extension training in sustainable and best agronomic practices, but through other community development activities aimed at setting farmers up to be successful in their lives and business. These projects include building of school classrooms, tractor ownership empowerment schemes, sanitation improvement, addressing HIV/AIDS awareness etc.

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Warehouse No. 5 & 6, Subdivision D of Subdivision No. 4 of Farm 397a, Kafue Road, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 274 870 / 274 871 Ext 103

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