Who are Zambia Cotton Ginners Association

The Zambia Cotton Ginners Association (ZCGA) is a non-partisan society whose main goal is to provide a framework for Zambian Cotton companies, to self-regulate their activities, to establish, promote and manage sustainable integrated Seed Cotton Pre-Financing, production and purchasing practices.

Our Objectives

research & development

Contribute to research & development of Seed Cotton varieties best suited to conditions in Zambia.

Technical Assistance

Source & co-ordinate technical assistance & finance in developing all aspects of the cotton industry.

Legal Assistance

To permit Members to address the issue of legal rights to the Seed Cotton grown by such Out-growers who may engage in Side Selling.

Secure Financial Assistance

Secure financial assistance for the provision of extension services and education in agricultural practices for all Out-grower schemes.

Mediate for our Members

To be a medium through which Members exchange ideas, technical knowledge and information on how to work together to achieve the sustainable management of Seed Cotton Pre-Financing production and purchasing.

Represent our Members

To cooperate, for the mutual benefit of the Association and the Zambia Cotton industry, with other organizations in the SADC Region on appropriate scientific, legislative, educational and economic matters.

ZCGA is helping to improve Zambia's Cotton industry with other organizations in the SADC Region.

represent the interests of our members

collect information and data on Pre financing, production and purchasing

promote membership of the Association




Production (Mt)

Our Affiliates