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Grafax Cotton Introduction & Business Model.

Grafax Cotton Zambia Ltd will operate an integrated cotton production and processing model which embraces contract farming of cotton, purchasing of seed cotton, processing of seed cotton into lint and processing of the cotton seed into oil, cotton cake and soap products. The company’s core business is lint production, although additional value earned from bi-products such as cooking oil, soap and stock feed cake. The cotton is produced under a total input and technical support services package contract-farming scheme.

The company has a state of the art ginnery, located at Plot number 3574/B Great North Road, Chisamba District, near Protea Safari Lodge with easy access to all the cotton growing areas in Zambia.

Products and Services

Grafax Cotton Zambia Ltd produce and process cotton into various finished products for both export and local consumption. The company’s core business will be the processing of lint. However the company will embark on vertical integration as a value optimisation strategy. The company will operate an integrated model which encompasses cotton production under a contract/input pre-financing scheme and cotton processing.

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The company has a state of the art ginning and oil refinery plant in Chisamba District, Zambia, with an expected productive life of up to twenty years. At ginning stage, the cotton-seed is separated from cotton lint. The lint is then baled for both the local and export market. The cotton-seed is then taken to the oil extraction and refinery plant for further processing into edible oil, soap and stock feed cake.

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Plot 6818, corner of Chimalamabwe & Kabile Road, Off Katima mulilo Rd, Olyimpia Extenstion
+260 963 808 402

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